16 May 2014: Governing boards of IAP, IAC and IAMP meet in Rome, Italy to discuss future partnership ...

Policy for Science
The three organizations are identifying ways to move towards an 'InterAcademy Partnership" over the forthcoming months ...

The leadership of the IAP, IAC and IAMP concluded their joint session on 16 May 2014 in Rome, Italy, generously hosted by the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei with the participation of Prof. Lamberto Maffei, President of the Academy.

The meetings, which involved the governing boards of the three organizations, provided a further occasion for 50 representatives from 27 countries to discuss and plan next steps for greater inter-academy integration. This will be achieved, agreed the delegates, through the establishment of an umbrella organization, namely the InterAcademy Partnership – IAP, to be ratified by the governance of the three current organizations in the forthcoming months.

A highlight of the joint session was a presentation by Sir Paul Nurse, President of The Royal Society, on ”Advising Society on Science”. See related article HERE.

On the same occasion the leadership of the 3 organizations signed a statement to Globe International following an offer to engage with the World Summit of Legislators which takes place in Mexico  in June 2014, announcing to Globe International  the recent report ”Climate Change: Evidence and Causes”,  a valuable reference document for those seeking accessible and authoritative answers about the current scientific consensus on climate change. IAP also informed Globe International of its resource of more than 129 merit-based academies which  fall under the new InterAcademy Parternship, and IAP’s  willingness to work with Globe International and its network of legislators from the world’s parliaments on this and related issues in the future.